Where Next Door Began

Lets Take it back to the start

After packing their bags and travelling to the other side of the world, Next Door Espresso’s Co-Founder’s Kim and Simon found themselves in the beautiful town of Lake Tahoe. It was here that they quickly realised two things:

  • The USA isn’t known for its coffee
  • But what Americans lack in caffeine sophistication, they make up in their incredible customer service.

And it sparked an idea. What if they took the quality coffee that Aussie’s love so much, and matched it with a big old dash of American hospitality?

No wanting to waste another second, the pair their bags to head home to the Land Down Under. Just a few years later - Next Door Espresso Tweed Heads was born. Then fast forward another two years, and our Burleigh sister store came along.

Every single day since we opened our doors, we’ve directed every effort to ensuring your morning ritual is so much more than just a cup of coffee.

  1. We might welcome anyone through our doors, but we’re pretty picky about who we invite to join our team. The Tweed and Burleigh Next Door Espresso crews are one of a kind. From the smile behind the counter to the hands washing your dishes, we’ve built a community-first culture that means you – our customers – are at the heart of everything we do. It takes a pretty special type of person to know how to get it right. But we reckon we’ve cracked the jackpot with both of our teams.
  2. There’s really nothing fancy to see here. Our menu isn’t brimming with words that you’ll secretly be Googling under the table or ingredients plucked from some far-flung corner of the globe. That’s just not how we roll. We prefer to keep things simple. Simply good food.
  3. The coffee though. If we learnt one thing from our time in the States, it’s that nothing beats a good coffee. Whether it’s a straight up cap or a coconut – almond decaf flat white with one, we brew every cup like it’s our last. Using locally sourced Moonshine coffee, you can expect a super smooth and slightly chocolatey taste, with a subtle tropical finish. Sounds good, huh? Trust us, it tastes even better.


And kind to the planet too!

Sure, we want to look after you. We want you to arrive feeling like you’re visiting family, and leave feeling full in every sense of the word. But we want to look after the environment too. The hospitality industry isn’t renowned for being the most environmentally friendly world, but we don’t believe in doing things the way they’ve always been done.

Our seasonally rotating menu is curated using the freshest selection of locally grown produce. That means it’s made without any of the nasties that you might find in other food and creates as little waste as possible. And THAT? Well, that means our food will leave you feeling as good as it tastes. 

And it doesn’t stop there. We’re constantly looking for ways to cut down our waste, from recyclable coffee cups to discounts for keep cups. Forgot to bring your keep cup along? Take your pick from our beautiful selection of ceramic cups in-store before you order! Not keen on plastic straws? Us either! That’s why we only use the very best paper straws we can find. Got a suggestion on how we can improve our environmental impact even more? We’d love to hear from you.

From the community, for the community.

Every person, at every age and from every walk of life deserves to feel like they’re part of something. And that’s exactly what Next Door Espresso is here to do. Say goodbye to your days of wrong orders, grumpy service and impatient customers. Next Door Espresso is your fun and welcoming ticket into a community – a family of coffee-lovers and banter-throwers. You can walk into Next Door Espresso any day of the week and trust us to serve your coffee just the way you like it. In fact, we’ll probably have it ready to go by the time you’ve parked your car and walked through the door.

Life can be fun every day. In fact, it should be fun every day. And we want everyone who shares their day with us to really, truly have the confidence to tackle every day as if they’ve already won it. Because with Next Door Espresso, you have.